Nuno Damaso

Nuno Damaso is practicing Taekwondo for 40 years and is the Headmaster of his own martial arts school in Basel for the past 25 years.


He holds 7th DAN awarded by the «Kukkiwon» World Taekwondo Headquarters in Seoul. Furthermore, he is a graduated «high-performance sports trainer» by the «Swiss Olympics».


After a long and successful time as a professional Taekwondo athlete and martial arts teacher, he is now focusing on the holistic and therapeutic aspects of martial arts. He practices Taichi and Qigong, filled with deep dedication and passion.


His practice of these internal Chinese martial arts has led to a passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has completed his graduation as an acupressure therapist and based on his multifaceted knowledge and his holistic practice of living and teaching martial arts, he is a renowned teacher in Switzerland and across Europe.


His desire to teach martial arts in a natural environment led Nuno to the idea of offering this retreat in this unique form in Monte Orada.

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Nina Damaso

Nina took her first yoga class in Miami when she was 19. After finishing her business studies, she traveled in South-East Asia for several months, where she discovered new styles, had the opportunity to practice with different international teachers and deepened her own practice.


After her return, her path led her to Zurich, where she dedicated herself professionally to reducing food waste in Switzerland.


In 2019, she completed her 200h Teacher Training at YogaUnion in Bali. She has a strong focus on alignment and the connection of the breath with movement.


Her classes are challenging and intensive at the beginning, and deeply relaxing and grounding at the end, to allow you to go deeper, and find a stronger connection with yourself, and more balance in everyday life.